New Opening Milano Corso Sempione

Rimadesio is proud to inaugurate its new Milan Sempione single-brand shop in collaboration with its partner, Habiform.

A new project in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan

Rimadesio is playing a key role in an ACPV ARCHITECTS project for a well-known international luxury brand.

New Opening Geneva

Rimadesio is proud to inaugurate its single-brand shop in Geneva, in the heart of the prestigious Champel-Malagnou neighbourhood.

Armonia a Shanghai

A private flat stands out for the coherence of its design choices.

Design talk: Through the funhouse mirror – reflections, transformation and design

The talk ‘Through the funhouse mirror – self storage, collection and display in the age of overconsumption’ took place in the Rimadesio London flagship store.

First half of 2024: strong signs of growth

After closing 2023 with a turnover of 84.7 million euros, Rimadesio has concluded the first half of 2024 with a sales volume of almost 44 million euros.

Shapes of Light. Milano Design Week 2024

Protagonist of the flagship store in Milan on the occasion of the Milan Design Week, the new collection designed by Giuseppe Bavuso represents a set of coherent solutions in terms of style and design, confirming the themes that have always been at the heart of Rimadesio research.

Milano Design Week 2024

Rimadesio Flagship Store Milano. April 15th-21st 2024.

The renovated Giussano showroom

Rimadesio is reopening the doors to the new showroom at the Giussano headquarters. Designed by art director and designer Giuseppe Bavuso, the exhibition space has received a major restyle. This has enhanced the original concept, which is now even more welcoming and functional.

Talking About 2023. Back to Modernity: future

NEW VISIONS, THE MODERNITY OF TOMORROW. Carlo Ratti discuss with Joann Gonchar  

Talking About 2023. Back to Modernity: present

A FLUID CONCEPT: COMPLEXITY AND TURNOVER. Marco Sammicheli in conversation with Emilia Terragni.

New finishing: Taiga glass

An undulating relief that forms a dense horizontal texture: this is the finish of the new Taiga glass, available in the Rimadesio glass collection in 22 matt and 7 metallic colour variants.

Rimadesio chooses Tesla for sustainable corporate mobility

Always sensitive to the issue of environmental sustainability, Rimadesio has recently adopted six fully electric Tesla Model 3 cars.

New Opening in Beijing

Rimadesio is continuing its commercial expansion in China with the opening of a new monobrand store in Beijing. The showroom is located in the centre of the Chinese capital, in China Central Place, which has become one of the main tourist and commercial attractions internationally.

New opening Bangkok

Rimadesio inaugurates a new, mono-brand showroom, in collaboration with local partner Grande Armoire, in the Thonglor district, one of the most elegant areas of Bangkok, featuring modern residential complexes and commercial areas.

Talking About 2023. Back To Modernity, past

IN PURSUIT OF A NEW LIFESTYLE. Stefano Salis in conversation with Giuseppe Lupo.

Talking About 2023

Modernity comes back around. Rimadesio is proud to present a new series of “Talking About” meetings dedicated to modernity, an elusive and ever-shifting concept that plays a decisive role for both the present and future.

Rimadesio main sponsor of Pallacanestro Aurora Desio

Rimadesio confirms its commitment as the main sponsor of Pallacanestro Aurora Desio basketball team for the 2023/2024 season in the National Serie B championship,

2023 Rimadesio Lombardia Cup, Francesco Malberti Memorial

Pallacanestro Varese and Vanoli Cremona are among the stars of the Rimadesio Lombardia Cup, the basketball tournament being organised in memory of Francesco Malberti, honorary president of Pallacanestro Aurora Desio.

News 2023

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2023, Rimadesio is displaying the Rialto family dedicated to living, the Altair room centre cabinet system and the transparent glass door Air.

Radius AN Best of product 2023

Architect’s Newspaper’s Best of Products Awards 2023

The Radius bi-directional swing door system, design Giuseppe Bavuso, won Architect’s Newspaper’s Best of Products Awards 2023 in the doors category.

The new aesthetic of the Rimadesio Milano Flagship Store

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2023, Rimadesio’s completely redesigned Milan Flagship Store reopens its doors.

Design talk: Self storage, collection and display in the age of overconsumption

The Rimadesio London flagship store hosted the talk “Self storage: collection and display in the age of overconsumption” organized in collaboration with the magazine Disegno.

New opening Bucharest

Rimadesio continues its commercial expansion with the opening of a new monobrand store in Bucharest. The exhibition area finds itself in the center of the new exclusive area of Romania’s capital city and is managed by local partner Pinum.

New opening Loulé

Rimadesio inaugurates its first single-brand showroom in Portugal, in the city of Loulé, in the heart of the Algarve region.

The residences at 1428 Brickell. Project by Ytech, ACPV Architects, Arquitectonica

Conceived as sculptural and flexible spaces, the design of the interiors stands out for a meticulous attention to detail, a particular care for the materiality of the elements, and the warm tones of the furniture and the finishes. Protagonists of the project are Velaria sliding panels.

New opening Leiden

Rimadesio chooses Leiden to inaugurate its first monobrand in Netherlands, managed by local partner Noort Interieur bv.

The renovated Marbella showroom

The Rimadesio single-brand showroom in Marbella has been expanded and updated to offer a new 120 m2 exhibition space inside the Los Portales building, located in the heart of the Spanish city.

New finishing: Sahara mat lacquered glass

A wavy relief creating a deep vertical texture: this is the sahara finish, now also available in the Rimadesio glass collection in 19 mat lacquered and 7 metallic colors.

Back to Modernity

Modernity according to Stefano Salis, Maria Cristina Didero, Giuseppe Lupo, and Deyan Sudjic.

Back to Modernity. Milano Design Week 2023

On the occasion of Milano Design Week 2023 Rimadesio presented the new projects inside the renovated Flagship Store.

A great result for Aurora Desio basketball

Aurora Desio Basketball, thanks to the fourth place in Serie B, reached the Play Offs for the Serie A2 one day early and is automatically promoted to the national Serie B1 for the next season.

Milano Design Week 2023

BACK TO MODERNITY. Is there a new definition of modernity? During the upcoming Milan Design Week, Rimadesio will present its own unique interpretation of this fundamental theme.

New opening Stoccolma

Rimadesio has opened a new monobrand showroom in the heart of the Swedish capital, created in collaboration with its partner Geco.

German Design Award: Maxi

The Maxi sliding system won the German Design Award 2023 in the Excellent Product Design: Building and Elements category.

Grand Hotel Miramare

Rimadesio participated in the project with an extensive supply of custom-made solutions for the living area, bedroom, and walk-in closet.

ADI Design Index: Maxi

A partition solution with a strong scenic impact, the Maxi sliding system designed by Giuseppe Bavuso has been selected at the ADI Design Index 2022.

Cover, the new door

A new door equipped with horizontal aluminium crosspieces offers the Cover programme more aesthetic solutions. There are two solutions for opening: with handle or push-pull.

Talking About 2022. #ILoveMilano

Rimadesio and Platform magazine proudly present #ILoveMilano, the latest episode in the “Talking About” meeting series.

Financial results

With record numbers established on a monthly, half-yearly and annual basis, Rimadesio confirms a substantial growth trend that sees both the domestic market and exports as protagonists.

Design talk: Domesticating the digital

On the occasion of Design Festival 2022, the Rimadesio London flagship store hosted the talk “Domesticating the digital” organized in collaboration with the architecture magazine Disegno.

2022 Rimadesio Lombardia Cup, Francesco Malberti Memorial.

Olimpia Milano, series A champion of Italy, and Pallacanestro Varese are among the stars of the Rimadesio Lombardia Cup.

The Good Living. Milano Design Week 2022.

The appointment with FuoriSalone 2022 saw the flagship store in via Visconti di Modrone officially showcase the new Rimadesio proposal.

Milano Design Week 2022: The Good Living

“The Good Living” will take place at the Rimadesio Flagship store during Milan Design Week 2022.

Sustainability project 2022

Precise data on the development of a “green ethos” that has always been in the company’s DNA.

New Opening Chicago

Rimadesio opens the doors to the first monobrand store in Chicago, a 200 square meters space located in an iconic red brick building in Chicago River North Design district with 3 large windows facing Illinois street.

Rimadesio closes 2021 with record results

Rimadesio achieves an outstanding order record, confirming a generally positive trend.

New Opening New York Flagship Store

On the occasion of the New York Design Week, Rimadesio inaugurates its third directly managed flagship store after Milan and London.

Zenit system turns 25

Lightness, compositional versatility and variety of finishes are among the main qualities of a unique product, which has been an ever-increasing success over the time.

Focus on: Fibra glass

Transparencies concealing thin metal textures and surfaces creating a three-dimensional effect, thanks to ever-changing vibrations of light.

BMW chooses Rimadesio as a role model in sustainability

The well-known automotive Group dedicates to Rimadesio an episode of the “Stories of Sustainability” format, a storytelling project that focuses on a key theme for the brand: sustainability.

New Opening Frankfurt

Rimadesio continues to expand its international network and chooses Frankfurt to inaugurate its third flagship store in Germany.

New opening Belp-Bern

Rimadesio has chosen the Bern area to inaugurate the third single-brand store in Switzerland.

Rimadesio main sponsor of the Aurora Pallacanestro season 2021-2022

Rimadesio, always sharing the founding values of Aurora Pallacanestro, is once again the main sponsor of the team.

New finishing: matt marble

The range of finishes is enriched with the matt version available for Calacatta, Crystal grey and Nero marquinia marbles.

Love Design 2021

Rimadesio participates to the new digital edition of Love Design, the biennial appointment promoted by the Lombardy Committee of Airc Foundation for Cancer Research together with Adi – Association for Industrial Design.

ADI Design Index 2021: Francis

The ADI Permanent Observatory has selected Francis table by Giuseppe Bavuso for the publication in the ADI Design Index 2021 volume.

New Interiors Vol.2

Innovative integration between systems and new combinations of materials: the second volume of the New Interiors catalog unveils the latest additions to the collection, designed by Giuseppe Bavuso.

Milano Design Week 2021

In addition to the inauguration of Stories and Matters exhibition, Rimadesio unveiled the new collection designed by Giuseppe Bavuso.

Stories and Matters, the traveling exhibition

The photo-show, starting from Milano flagship store, will be displayed across some of the most beautiful Rimadesio showrooms in Europe.

YSM House, Tel Aviv. Project by Moran Gozali

Rimadesio, in collaboration with its local sales partner, has participated in the creation of custom furniture for a 220sqm penthouse in downtown Tel Aviv, designed by Moran Gozali.

Self Plan, preview collection 2021

With the introduction of the Plan components, the design flexibility of the Self system is enriched with new solutions, ranging from the writing desk element to the living room furniture.

Cover Open, preview collection 2021

The Cover storage system reveals the new Open version, the innovative wardrobe solution designed to perfectly integrate with both wall and freestanding arrangements.

Maxi, preview new collection 2021

A dividing solution with a strong scenographic value, the Maxi sliding panels reach exceptional dimensions, thanks to a newly designed structure.

First half 2021: record results

Rimadesio closes the first half of 2021 with remarkable results: the best turnover ever obtained over a six months period, thanks to the increase of both domestic and international markets.

Livingetc Style Awards 2021

The Modulor boiserie designed by Giuseppe Bavuso has won the Livingetc Style Awards 2021 as best storage system.

Rimadesio surfaces by Frank Hülsbömer

The Rimadesio materials and finishes collection is the result of constant research. A dedicated photo shoot is showing some original combinations of the most recent novelties.


A magazine dedicated to professionals and end customers: Models is a new tool to discover the Rimadesio collections through a fine selection of images.

Flagship store Milano

The layout of the Milanese showroom in Via Visconti di Modrone has been renovated with the New Interiors collection.

New finishing: fibra glass

The glass collection is now enriched with the new fibra glass finishing.

Investments, distribution, environment, new challenges

As pieces of an ideal mosaic, the Rimadesio data for 2020 make up an image with clearly positive features.

New finishing: diamante glass

The Rimadesio glass collection is now enriched with the new diamante finishing, characterized by a delicate dotted texture.

Modulor temporary display 2021

After Milan, the installation dedicated to the Modulor boiserie system will be launched in several national and international showrooms.

A new aesthetic for the Self day system

New proportions, new details and new finishes: these are the important innovations, contributing to widen the collection of Self cabinets, Rimadesio best seller for the living area.

New Opening Emmen-Lucerne

Rimadesio inaugurates the second monobrand in Switzerland. The exhibition area, located in the Emmen shopping district, is managed by the local partner Davinci Interior Design AG.

Rimadesio renews its partnership with Carl Hansen & Søn

The most iconic seats of the well-known Danish brand will still be available in the Italian Rimadesio monobrand stores in the next coming years.

The Milan San Marco showroom will be renewed

The first Italian monobrand store, the Rimadesio San Marco showroom in Milan celebrates its first 20 years of activity by updating the display area with the latest proposals of the collection.


The space dedicated to training and the study of Rimadesio technology, materials and finishings, inside the Giussano corporate showroom.  

ADI Design Index: Modulor

The Francis table will soon be available

The production of Francis is scheduled for autumn 2020. The new table designed by Giuseppe Bavuso contributes to enrich the Rimadesio accessories collection.

The Rimadesio systems in the Inalco atelier

A new episode of the collaboration between Rimadesio and Inalco, a Spanish company leader in the production of MDi surfaces with high added value for architecture and interior design.

AZ Awards 2020

The Modulor wall paneling system won the People’s Choice Award and the Award of Merit in Architectural Products at the AZ Awards 2020, an international architecture and design competition.

Rimadesio main sponsor of Aurora Desio Basketball

Rimadesio has renewed its commitment with the sports club, by confirming itself as the main sponsor of all teams: first team, youth sector and mini-basketball.


New finishing: Litech grigio rigato

Litech, the ceramic material developed exclusively for Rimadesio, obtained from pure minerals melted at high temperatures.

Best of the Year Awards – Elle Decoration Russia

The Modulor wall paneling system has won the title of “Object of the Year” in the Wall Covering category.

Union Binding Company headquarters

In collaboration with the partner Habiform, Rimadesio participates to the construction of the offices for the new Italian headquarters of Union Binding.

Private Guest House, Nagoya. Project by Tange Associates

Rimadesio, in collaboration with the Tokyo mono-brand showroom, participates in the project with the supply of Soho sliding doors.

Architect@Work 2020

Rimadesio takes part at Architect@Work 2020, the traveling international event dedicated to product innovations and reserved for architects, designers and professionals.

AZ Awards 2020 – Architectural Product

Modulor paneling system, is among the finalists of the AZ Awards 2020.

Rimadesio: growth, investments, welfare plan

In 2019 Rimadesio has consolidated the results achieved in previous years by accomplishing a turnover that has exceeded 61 million euros.

Back to operating

After the operational resumption of the logistics, Rimadesio has restarted its production plant on Tuesday 28th April 2020.

Collection Book, the new catalogue

The new and complete catalogue featuring all the iconic pieces of the Rimadesio collection together with innovative and inedited solutions.

Modulor, new finishing

Rovere termotrattato Sahara is added to the 97 finishes already available for the Modulor boiserie system.

New opening London

Rimadesio inaugurates a new Flagship Store in the West End of London.

Modulor temporary display

The Milan Flagship Store will hosts until march the installation dedicated to the presentation of the numerous features of the Modulor boiserie.

Preview: Francis, design Giuseppe Bavuso

Francis, the new system of tables designed by Giuseppe Bavuso.

Synthetic leather: high performance and quality standards with low environmental impact

An exclusive by Rimadesio, available in four finishes.

Talking About 2019. Living the Luxury: new languages of contemporary architecture

A conversation between Luca Molinari and Antonio Citterio that aims to examine an Italian idea of luxury and fineness, one that is attentive and responsible, a true reflection of the times we live in.

Shanghai introduces Modulor

Rimadesio showroom in Shanghai, is the first mono-brand in the world to exhibit the new Modulor boiserie system, straight after the Flagship store in Milan.

Elle Deco International Design Awards

Modulor wall paneling system has received the EDIDA 2020 nomination.

New opening Hamburg

Rimadesio inaugurates its second mono-brand in Germany.

Interview: Talking About 2019. Luxury and Storytelling: when print meets digital

Emanuele Farneti, Editor in Chief of Vogue Italia meets Riccardo Pozzoli, Creative Director of Condè Nast Social Talent Agency.

New opening Seoul

New opening Seoul

Rimadesio inaugurates a new monobrand in Seoul.

New opening Moscow

Rimadesio doubles its presence in Russia with a new showroom in Moscow.

Talking About 2019. Luxury and Storytelling: when print meets digital

Aesthetics and the economics of luxury, in the midst of the evolution in the world of publishing and new digital prospectives.

R books

R books, the new space dedicated to the best 100 books selected by Rimadesio.

Environmental sustainability project

A journey that starts from far away, a present that looks at sustainable innovation as the only approach to the future, a “green spirit” that has always been in the company’s DNA.

Talking About 2019. At the roots of Luxury: when numbers become experience

The stage of the Rimadesio Theater is confirmed, for the third consecutive year, as the official frame of the series of Talking About events.

Trofeo Lombardia 2019

The appointment with basketball is back in Desio with the eleventh edition of Trofeo Lombardia, renamed Rimadesio Cup “Francesco Malberti Memorial” in memory of the honorary president and founder of Pallacanestro Aurora Desio.

Stories and matters 2019

Stories and Matters 2019

Rimadesio’s style is once again the protagonist of the new catalogue Stories and Matters, a project created to describe the company beyond the product, this year at its fourth edition.

Interview: Talking About 2019. At the roots of Luxury: when numbers become experience

Nicoletta Polla-Mattiot, Editor In Chief of How to Spend It and “IL”, publications from the editorial group Il Sole 24 Ore, meets Stefano Zecchi, philosopher and writer, Marco Turinetto, professor and university researcher

Surfaces by Simone Cavadini

Simone Cavadini was selected to cover the annual photographic project of Rimadesio.

Talking About 2019

Rimadesio presents a new series of “Talking About” meetings. A program of events dedicated to the thought on the contemporary conception of luxury, created in collaboration with How to spend it, Vogue Italia and Platform magazine.

News 2019, the catalogue

New typologies, accurate new introductions, new materials and finishes: these are the protagonists of the Rimadesio proposal 2019.

New opening Hangzhou

After the opening of its showroom in Beijing and the renovation of the one in Shanghai, Rimadesio inaugurates its third showroom in China in the city of Hangzhou, in collaboration with The Madison Group.

Milano Design Week 2019

Rimadesio showroom in via Visconti di Modrone, among the favourite hotspots of the Milan Design Week. An exhibition space dedicated to the presentation of the stylistic proposal of the collection, a place open to meetings between architects, designers and professionals.

Salone del Mobile Milano 2019

New designs and solid integrations of finishes and materials: these are the protagonists of the Rimadesio exhibition concurrently the 58th edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Love Design, involvement in research

Love Design is an initiative aimed at raising funds for cancer care research.

Glass: a high-tech material with a 5,000 year history

Glass is as transparent as water but as hard as stone, light can pass through it but it can also reflect images as illusions, it hides and reveals, it connects spaces and at the same time it confines and separates them, allowing us to see through it without being seen.

Conversation with Giuseppe Bavuso

I met Davide Malberti in 1986 at a dinner in Cologne. We were the youngest ones around the table. We immediately clicked and this brought us together to design a number of small, primarily glass accessories, which were in line with the company’s product range at the time.

Talking About 2018 #ILoveMilano

Introduction by Simona Finessi and Luca Molinari: Juan Conde, Giacomo De Amicis, Matteo Fantoni, Francesco Fresa, Michele Rossi, Claudio Saverino, Claudio Silvestrin and Paolo Volpato, talk about their own personal take on Milan.

2018 a new record

The turnover of Rimadesio in 2018 exceeded the threshold of 61 million euros, improving for the third consecutive year the record of the previous one.

Photographic details

Aluminium: a precious material

It is one of the most commonly used materials in the world and the third most abundant element in the earth’s crust, accounting for 8% of its composition, and yet it has an extremely recent history.

New opening Salerno

A great turn out for the inauguration event occurred on February 7th in Salerno, Italy.

Rimadesio Under 14 Elite enters the National Finals

Rimadesio and Aurora Desio share a long tradition based on a solid mission: train basketball players of the youth sector in order to reach the highest levels on the field.

Bvlgari Resort Dubai. Project by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel

Designed by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and developed by Meraas Holding, the Bvlgari Resort Dubai is part of the local development plan “Dubai Vision 2020”.

New opening Kiev

The first Rimadesio monobrand showroom in Ukraine opened in Kiev on December, 6th.

Talking About 2018 Contract & Progetto

What exactly is meant by contract? How does it fit into the notion of the project and in the different contexts in which it is applied? From hospitality to the workplace, from schools and museums to skyscrapers: Gianluca Peluffo (Gianluca Peluffo & Partners), Alessandro Adamo, (DEGW, the brand of Lombardini 22), Marco Casamonti (Archea Associati), give … More

Conversation with Yoko Miura

I have been working with Rimadesio for some years now. I am extremely satisfied with the balanced relationship we have and the positive exchange of meaning and value that has gradually been enhanced between Rimadesio’s pieces and my works.

Architect@Work Spain

Rimadesio participates to the Spanish edition of Architect @ Work, an international format dedicated to product innovations reserved for architects, designers and professionals, through the Rimadesio Barcelona showroom by Zentrum  and the Rimadesio Madrid showroom by Iconno.

Comunicare Rimadesio

The new Rimadesio general catalogue, completely renewed in the format and in the graphic layout, is made up of 4 dedicated volumes.

Trofeo Lombardia 2018

The date with the great basket of the Trofeo Lombardia was back. Rimadesio remains the official sponsor of the event, that this year included the classic quadrangular of A Leauge together with a quadrangular with the teams of the  B League championship.

Aliante: preview of the 2022 collection

Aliante appears as a precious transparent glass cabinet with an original opening system.

Spazio wall partition system

Rimadesio end the year 2018, by starting the production of  Spazio, the wall partition system, a leading player during the last Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Fall Design Week 2018

The Milan’s Fall Design Week is back, promoted by the City of Milan and now at its third edition.

New opening Shanghai

A few days after the opening of the new Rimadesio Beijing monobrand, the Shanghai showroom has been completely renewed, in order to be aligned with the new corporate identity.

New opening Beijing

Rimadesio has confirmed to be more and more internationally oriented by opening a new showroom in the Chinese capital of Beijing.

BMW group technology workshop 2018

Rimadesio opens its doors to BMW, the famous German multinational company.

Talking About 2018 Fashion and Design

Is there any difference between fashion and design? How do these two worlds interact, how do they co-exist in a city like Milan where they are so influential? Michele Lupi, the editorial director of Icon and Icon Design, talks to Paul Smith and Alberto Alessi.

New opening Marbella

Rimadesio opens a new store space in Marbella, fourth showroom in the Spanish territory, in a building with typical Andalusian architecture.

Lagasca 99

Designed by architect Rafael de La-Hoz for Grupo Lar company, Lagasca99 is going to become an architectural icon of Madrid.

Gres porcellanato, the new 2018 finishing

Porcelain, a compact hard, colored and non porous ceramic material, is the brand new Rimadesio finishing, available on swing doors, sliding panels, sideboards, shelves and dressing.

Talking About 2018

Rimadesio presents a series of events dedicated to the world of design and of the project in general, developed in collaboration with Icon and Icon Design, Area and Platform

New collection 2018, Flat System

Flat System is a system of tables designed for professional spaces with extruded aluminum structure and glass top.

New collection 2018, Moon e Modus

Moon door, since the beginning, has concentrated a long series of technical and aesthetic innovations. Now is also available in the double swing version and with the new porcelain cladding finish and a patented fastening system for a safe and functional closing of the fixed panel.

New opening Saint Petersburg

Great success for the inauguration of the new Saint Petersburg monobrand showroom, which took place on May 23rd.

Top sample box and showroom sample box

Rimadesio institutional documentation consists of a series of instruments to satisfy all professionals needs.

New collection 2018, Manta e Alambra

The steady expansion of the Rimadesio proposal concerns two well-known bestsellers of the collection.

Stories and Matters 2018

The Rimadesio stylistic dimension collected into a catalogue / magazine,  alternating images, graphics and texts.

New collection 2018, Zenit e Dress Bold

Designed in 1998 as a bookcase or walk-in closet, Zenit immediately stood out for a series of innovations, including a solution allowing maximum freedom of arrangement of the equipment, now once again updated on an aesthetic and functional level.

Rimadesio surfaces by Tommaso Sartori

Every year Rimadesio commits a different photographer to the interpretation of the exclusive surfaces of the collection and presents the result within the Stories and Matters volume.

Salone del Mobile 2018 Stand

The new Rimadesio proposals cover all the aspects and types of the collection: extra-large versions, materials, finishes, expansion of range and destination.

Salone del Mobile 2018 Showroom

The Rimadesio showroom in via Visconti di Modrone, Milan confirms to be a fundamental meeting point during the Milan design week.

New opening Tokyo

Far East is a successful area for the Rimadesio proposal: after the recent opening in China, Singapore and the Philippines, is now the time for the opening of a new Rimadesio showroom in Japan.

A new record

The sixth consecutive year of increase for Rimadesio, that exceeds the threshold of a 50-million turnover for the first time in its history, marking a new and memorable record.

News 2018, the catalog

Expansions of range and destination, extra-large versions, materials, finishes: the new Rimadesio proposals cover all the aspects and types of the collection.

Shanghai Royal Pavilion

Rimadesio contributes with the local partner Madison Group with the supply of Sail and Stripe sliding panels and Zenit and Dress bold walk-in closets.

Talking About 2017 Dispense

Ecology, Architecture, Technology, Style: the essential components of Rimadesio’s DNA were the main themes of Talking About, a series of meetings with the protagonists of science, culture and industry that took place spring through autumn 2017.

Lux, the new exclusive fabric for dress bold

The walk-in closet Dress bold modernises his aesthetics through the introduction of the exclusive fabric Lux, in silk or cotton.

Daimon sliding panels

Presented at the last Salone del Mobile in Milan, the Daimon sliding panels have been recently awarded by the American magazine Interior Design Magazine in the Architectural Product category, within the 12th annual Best of Year awards.

New opening Cape Town

The new Cape Town showroom is open in collaboration with local partner Domum Africa.


Rimadesio’s exclusive collection of matte and glossy lacquers, made of last-generation water-based paints, resistant to corrosion, temperature leaps, aging and detergents.

New opening Beirut

The Rimadesio showroom in Beirut has been updated following the corporate identity and the local partner Modern Zone has organized an extraordinary event for the public.

New opening Geneva

The new Rimadesio Monobrand is open in the heart of Geneva, a short walk from the financial district of the city.

The Spirit of Project 2017

The novelties from the 2017 Rimadesio collection and the new The Spirit of Project catalogue.

The Spirit of Project 2017 catalog

The Spirit of Project tells the latest novelties in the collection, the stylistic research, the environmental conscience and the technological innovation that characterize Rimadesio.

Abacus Living

Abacus Living is renewed.

New opening Casablanca

Located in the exclusive “Triangle d’Or” area of Casablanca, which is one of the most elegant neighborhoods of the Moroccan city.

Talking About Style: Luca Solca talks with Michele Lupi

In the design world the term Style used to have a negative meaning, while today it implies a constitutive and fundamental part of any creative work.

Motor Yatch Domani

Rimadesio is part of the M/Y Domani project created by Benetti Shipyard, the world leader in luxury mega-yachts.

Mobile sustainability

Always caring at environmental issues,  the goal of Rimadesio is the total conversion to the electrical of all the means of transport business

Villa Geef

The villa is harmoniously integrated into the mountain landscape characterized by the typical vineyards of Valtellina.

Talking About Technology: Angelo Cangelosi talks with Matteo Pirola

What would be, in the near future, the technological applications that will mostly affect our daily life?

Rimadesio Cup, great basketball is back in desio

The ninth edition of “Trofeo Lombardia”, organized by Pallacanestro Aurora Desio, took place during the weekend of 8-10 September.

AZ design 2017

The Canadian magazine Azure gave a double award to the new Soho sliding doors, winner for “Architectural Products” and “People Choice”.

New accessories in ecological leather

The modular systems and their accessories are an integral part of the ongoing update of the Rimadesio collection.

The new sliding systems

The sliding systems, always the focus of the Rimadesio proposal, are now the key elements of a major technical and aesthetic evolution.

Rimadesio surfaces at the focus of Nicolas Polli’s photo shooting

Rimadesio asks Nicolas Polli to interpret the exclusive surfaces of its collection.

Talking About Ecology: Marco Belpoliti talks with Stefano Salis

Marco Belpoliti describes the birth and the etymological meaning of the term “ecology”, as well as its developments and environmental implications.

Talking About Architecture: Beppe Finessi talks with Marco Romanelli

The interiors are now considered as spaces to be filled rather than be defined: this is the theory expressed by Beppe Finessi and Marco Romanelli during the first (out of  four) “Talking about…” event, that took place on May 25th at the Rimadesio Theatre in Milan.

Talking About 2017

The talks are scheduled in the Rimadesio Theatre in Milan during spring/fall 2017.

Milano, Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2017

The exhibit space is conceived as the ideal stage for a storytelling based on solid proposals and solutions developed through a year of designing and testing.

Como: first identity rebranding

Rimadesio opens a new monobrand showroom in Como.

Flagship store Milano, Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2017

A not-to-loose event of Milano Fuorisalone.

Muraba residences, East Crescent, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. Project by RCR Arquitectes

Designed by RCR Arquitectes, recent winner of the 2017 Pritzker prize, the Muraba Residences include 51 apartments, internal spa, gym, pool and dedicated services.

RCR Arquitectes 2017 Pritzker winner

The RCR Arquitectes study, founded by Rafael Aranda, Carmen and Ramon Pigen Vialta, recently won the 2017 Pritzker prize, a real Nobel for architecture.

Rimadesio 60. Storie, sfide, talenti

A book dedicated to Rimadesio, to its people and its history, for a 60th anniversary to be remembered.

New opening Hyderabad

Rimadesio opens a new showroom in Hyderabad, important city in central-southern India.

New Stories of Beauty

Rimadesio has presented  the new collection from the catalog ‘Stories and Matters’ with special events dedicated to the Italian showroom.

Temporary bookstore

Rimadesio flagship store in Milan is hosting the fourth edition of the ‘temporary bookstore’.

Rimadesio sixtieth anniversary

Rimadesio achieves the 60th anniversary and chooses to celebrate  with four ‘unusual’ meetings, which took place in Milan showroom.

Rimadesio 60 Stories, Challenges, Talents. Maurizio Cheli

The fourth and final meeting with the protagonists of Rimadesio 60.

New opening New York

Two years since its first inauguration and after a whole restyle, Rimadesio New York showroom reopens. Now you can see the furniture collection in the new Rimadesio New York Flagship Store located in 102 Madison Avenue.

New opening Wien

During the 2016 Design Week, Rimadesio showroom in Vienna has been reopen in October.

Trofeo Lombardia 2016

The Trofeo Lombardia 2016, at its eighth edition, has been dedicated to the memory of Francesco Malberti.

Rimadesio 60 Stories, Challenges, Talents. Giovanni Soldini

A great success for the third appointment with the events Rimadesio 60.

New opening Santiago del Cile

Rimadesio inaugurates its first monobrand store in Santiago del Cile.

AZ Awards 2016

Cover freestanding system is the winner of the 2016 AZ Awards award in the ‘Best Furniture System’ category.

Rimadesio 60 Stories, Challenges, Talents. Matteo Nucci

The second event related to Rimadesio 60th anniversary gave voice to the writer and researcher Matteo Nucci, academic of ancient world and philosophy.

New opening Teheran

Rimadesio in now opening a new showroom in Teheran.

Abitare Gonzaga 2016

“Abitare Gonzaga 2016”, a cultural event to connect the historical and architectural heritage represented by Palazzo Ducale with the best contemporary design.

Aurora Desio, national finals under16 and under18

The teams from Under 18 and Under 16 categories of Aurora Desio accede to the final stage of the respective 2016 national championships .

Rimadesio 60 Stories, Challenges, Talents. Joan As Police Woman

The program of events planned to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of Rimadesio starts with Joan As Police Woman.

Temporary bookstore

The Rimadesio Flagship store in Milan hosted the third edition of the ‘temporary bookstore’.

Rimadesio surfaces

The 2016 collection has thus been enriched with 5 new finishes.

“A tribute to domus 1000” in Triennale

‘A Tribute to Domus 1000’, extends its public display by La Triennale di Milano​.

XXI Triennale Milano ‘Stanze. Altre filosofie dell’abitare’

After twenty years since the last edition, the Milan Triennale hosts an exhibition dedicated to the interior architecture.

Stories and Matters catalog 2016

A catalog to be read like a magazine, in which Rimadesio style is represented.

Meeting with Duilio Forte during ‘Ursus’ building

Duilio Forte is personally committed to the realization of ‘Ursus’, whose partner is Rimadesio.

New opening Pescara

The project, designed by Arch. Giacomo Fossati shows the Rimadesio products in their most updated version, from the historical pieces to the latest novelties.

New self bold sideboards, exclusive leading role the finishes

Among the novelties of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, the Self bold sideboard collection.

A heart getting greener and greener

Rimadesio makes its own manufacturing capacity of solar energy more powerful.

2016 Events

Events of the 2016