‘Put your heart in what you are doing. Use the heuristic method. Give space to chance, error and unfinished’: these are some of the key points of the ArchiZoic thought, as basic of the AtelierFORTE activity.

Thus, following his principles, Duilio Forte is personally committed to the realization of ‘Ursus’, whose partner is Rimadesio, one of the 11setups, protagonists of the ‘Stanze’ event at the XXI Triennale di Milano. We find him working at site, busy assembling the impressive wooden structure, composing the mosaics, staring at the paintings, directing with visible enthusiasm the work of young employees of his Atelier. ‘The work does not end in the project itself,’ says the architect-artist, ‘because the result depends mostly on its realization, as in a music opera.’

XXI Triennale International Exhibition

Palazzo dell’Arte, Milano

2 aprile -12 settembre 2016