A system of equipped wall paneling, a new solution in order to qualify, equip and customize the surfaces of domestic and work environments. Always custom-made, flexible to any architectural situation, Modulor allows to create organized or composite geometries, to freely position shelves, cabinets or display cases, and to choose from a wide variety of materials and exclusive finishes.

Modulor, Velaria

Among the innovative features of the Modulor system, there is the possibility to integrate all the Rimadesio sliding panels, except for the Graphis Light model. Velaria panel slides into the wall paneling system and is perfectly aligned with the jamb, designed to adapt to any differences in thickness between the walls. The sliding panel is equipped with a built-in sliding rail, with a patented adjusting profile that allows its exact leveling and to counterbalance any differences in the ceiling height.

New components, such as the Self Plan writing desk, or new compositional solutions, such as the Velaria sliding pocket panel in the Modulor wall paneling system. Innovations aimed at maximum integration between systems, so as to accentuate their expressive and design potential.

The swing doors And Self suspended sideboard

Careful and rigorous presence by definition, the Modulor wall paneling system acquires a highly expressive value with the exclusive Noce Sahara finish. The new glass Self sideboard and the aluminium shelves of the same system are the main protagonists at the centre of the space, while the swing doors are perfectly integrated into the background.

Modulor storage

Modulor features the new storage function thanks to equipped cabinets designed to organize, store and display items, in a complete and functional solution. Always custom-made, the storage units perfectly integrate in the wall paneling system with seamless effect. The frame doors create sophisticated display cases equipped with internal accessories that can be freely positioned in height, thanks to the exclusive patented system that allows to fix suspended drawer units, glass or wooden shelves, bottle shelves and removable trays in synthetic leather. Dimmable led lighting is embedded in the horizontal profiles. A sensor led system is also available to light the internal units.

New shelving units emphasize the linearity of the Modulor wall paneling system. Equipped with suspended drawers and 5 mm aluminium shelves, the new elements give rhythm to the equipped wall, without altering its geometry. The Modulor system can perfectly integrate steps or height changes.


A precise combination of materials marks the Rimadesio living area, where the transparency of fibra glass enhances the materiality of the rovere termotrattato sahara. The shelves of the Modulor wall paneling system, whose widths range from 320 to 2560 mm, integrate a new led lighting system in the thickness of the shelf. The Self suspended storage unit, here presented with the new 26 mm side, has the same wall finish for a perfect balance of colours.

The Modulor system adapts to any existing architectural situation, integrating changes in ceiling heights with the maximum precision. The result is a whole wall solution, in which storage unit compartments, suspended elements and back lighted shelves are integrated. The equipped compartments of the Modulor system are designed to organize and store objects, in an orderly and functional solution. The storage unit elements integrate perfectly in the wall paneling system thanks to hinged doors with push opening, without visible handles. Inside, in addition to the optional led lighting system, the compartments can be customized with all the accessories included in the system.

Technologies Functions and components

The Modulor boiserie system is the synthesis of Rimadesio's design and stylistic path: a perfect trait d'union linking the different typological functions of the collection with interior architecture. A project in which the made-to-measure wall panelling dialogues with the suspended equipment, the hinged doors with the LED lighting.

  • 01. The panel and assembly sequence

    Structure 304 platinum, fabric covering T052 rye

  • 02. The equipment panel and the hooking system of the shelves

    Structure 300 copper, veneer 17 sahara walnut

  • 03. The passage with fanlight and Alambra wall cabinets

    Structure 83 piombo, fabric covering T019 papyrus

  • 04. Self hinged door and wall-mounted storage unit

    Structure 303 bronze, stoneware cladding G002 moka

  • 05. Technical accessories

    Structure 304 platinum, covering 155 nube leatherette

  • 06. Adjustments and finish profiles

    Structure 301 pewter, matt glass covering 134 pewter

  • 07. Storage system

    Structure 303 bronzo, wooden cladding 20 rovere termotrattato sahara, glass doors 63 grigio trasparente, glass sides and back panels 136 bronzo opaco,glass shelves 63 grigio trasparente, top, base and drawers 25 melaminico larice carbone, synthetic leather drawers top 154 argilla

  • 08. Storage system

    Structure 303 bronzo, wooden cladding 17 noce sahara, glass back panels 02 acidato extrachiaro, glass shelves 63 grigio trasparente, top, base and drawers 07 melaminico olmo, synthetic leather pull out accessories 153 castoro


Browse the technical documentation for detailed information about different dimensions, components and configurations.