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number of solar panels installed on the roof of the production plant, for a total power of 1.27 MWp. The cost of the investment has exceeded 3.8 million euros.

17056398.51 kWh

energy produced by Rimadesio photovoltaic installations from 2008 to date.

11086659.03 Kg

carbon dioxide that Rimadesio has not dispersed into the atmosphere since 2008 (about 800 tons of CO2 per year).

130 ton

total weight of aluminium waste produced in 2020 and sent for recycling. The company also uses recycled aluminium from Italian production plants.

300 ton

total weight of glass waste produced by Rimadesio in 2020. The discarded glass is entirely recycled through a fusion process at 1600° which allows its endless reuse.

9,7 ton

annual consumption of polystyrene eliminated from the production cycle and replaced with 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging.

160 ton

total weight of cardboard waste produced by packaging and transformed into compact bales, destined for the production of quality recycled paper through a low environmental impact process.


17056398.51 kWh

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