2023 Rimadesio Lombardia Cup, Francesco Malberti Memorial

Pallacanestro Varese and Vanoli Cremona are among the stars of the Rimadesio Lombardia Cup, the basketball tournament being organised in memory of Francesco Malberti, honorary president of Pallacanestro Aurora Desio.

The new aesthetic of the Rimadesio Milano Flagship Store

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2023, Rimadesio’s completely redesigned Milan Flagship Store reopens its doors.

Design talk: Self storage, collection and display in the age of overconsumption

The Rimadesio London flagship store hosted the talk “Self storage: collection and display in the age of overconsumption” organized in collaboration with the magazine Disegno.

New opening Bucharest

Rimadesio continues its commercial expansion with the opening of a new monobrand store in Bucharest. The exhibition area finds itself in the center of the new exclusive area of Romania’s capital city and is managed by local partner Pinum.

New opening Loulé

Rimadesio inaugurates its first single-brand showroom in Portugal, in the city of Loulé, in the heart of the Algarve region.

New opening Leiden

Rimadesio chooses Leiden to inaugurate its first monobrand in Netherlands, managed by local partner Noort Interieur bv.

The renovated Marbella showroom

The Rimadesio single-brand showroom in Marbella has been expanded and updated to offer a new 120 m2 exhibition space inside the Los Portales building, located in the heart of the Spanish city.

Back to Modernity

Modernity according to Stefano Salis, Maria Cristina Didero, Giuseppe Lupo, and Deyan Sudjic.

Back to Modernity. Milano Design Week 2023

On the occasion of Milano Design Week 2023 Rimadesio presented the new projects inside the renovated Flagship Store.

Milano Design Week 2023

BACK TO MODERNITY. Is there a new definition of modernity? During the upcoming Milan Design Week, Rimadesio will present its own unique interpretation of this fundamental theme.

New opening Stoccolma

Rimadesio has opened a new monobrand showroom in the heart of the Swedish capital, created in collaboration with its partner Geco.

Talking About 2022. #ILoveMilano

Rimadesio and Platform magazine proudly present #ILoveMilano, the latest episode in the “Talking About” meeting series.

New opening Miami

On the occasion of Art Basel, Rimadesio inaugurated a new mono-brand in the city of Miami.

Design talk: Domesticating the digital

On the occasion of Design Festival 2022, the Rimadesio London flagship store hosted the talk “Domesticating the digital” organized in collaboration with the architecture magazine Disegno.

Milano Design Week 2022: The Good Living

“The Good Living” will take place at the Rimadesio Flagship store during Milan Design Week 2022.

New Opening Chicago

Rimadesio opens the doors to the first monobrand store in Chicago, a 200 square meters space located in an iconic red brick building in Chicago River North Design district with 3 large windows facing Illinois street.

New Opening New York Flagship Store

On the occasion of the New York Design Week, Rimadesio inaugurates its third directly managed flagship store after Milan and London.

New Opening Frankfurt

Rimadesio continues to expand its international network and chooses Frankfurt to inaugurate its third flagship store in Germany.

New opening Belp-Bern

Rimadesio has chosen the Bern area to inaugurate the third single-brand store in Switzerland.

Love Design 2021

Rimadesio participates to the new digital edition of Love Design, the biennial appointment promoted by the Lombardy Committee of Airc Foundation for Cancer Research together with Adi – Association for Industrial Design.

New Interiors Vol.2

Innovative integration between systems and new combinations of materials: the second volume of the New Interiors catalog unveils the latest additions to the collection, designed by Giuseppe Bavuso.

Milano Design Week 2021

In addition to the inauguration of Stories and Matters exhibition, Rimadesio unveiled the new collection designed by Giuseppe Bavuso.

Stories and Matters, the traveling exhibition

The photo-show, starting from Milano flagship store, will be displayed across some of the most beautiful Rimadesio showrooms in Europe.

Livingetc Style Awards 2021

The Modulor boiserie designed by Giuseppe Bavuso has won the Livingetc Style Awards 2021 as best storage system.