New finishing: Taiga glass

An undulating relief that forms a dense horizontal texture: this is the finish of the new Taiga glass, available in the Rimadesio glass collection in 22 matt and 7 metallic colour variants.

New finishing: Sahara mat lacquered glass

A wavy relief creating a deep vertical texture: this is the sahara finish, now also available in the Rimadesio glass collection in 19 mat lacquered and 7 metallic colors.

Focus on: Fibra glass

Transparencies concealing thin metal textures and surfaces creating a three-dimensional effect, thanks to ever-changing vibrations of light.

New finishing: fibra glass

The glass collection is now enriched with the new fibra glass finishing.

New finishing: diamante glass

The Rimadesio glass collection is now enriched with the new diamante finishing, characterized by a delicate dotted texture.


New finishing: Litech grigio rigato

Litech, the ceramic material developed exclusively for Rimadesio, obtained from pure minerals melted at high temperatures.

Modulor, new finishing

Rovere termotrattato Sahara is added to the 97 finishes already available for the Modulor boiserie system.

Synthetic leather: high performance and quality standards with low environmental impact

An exclusive by Rimadesio, available in four finishes.

Surfaces by Simone Cavadini

Simone Cavadini was selected to cover the annual photographic project of Rimadesio.

Glass: a high-tech material with a 5,000 year history

Glass is as transparent as water but as hard as stone, light can pass through it but it can also reflect images as illusions, it hides and reveals, it connects spaces and at the same time it confines and separates them, allowing us to see through it without being seen.

Photographic details

Aluminium: a precious material

It is one of the most commonly used materials in the world and the third most abundant element in the earth’s crust, accounting for 8% of its composition, and yet it has an extremely recent history.

Gres porcellanato, the new 2018 finishing

Porcelain, a compact hard, colored and non porous ceramic material, is the brand new Rimadesio finishing, available on swing doors, sliding panels, sideboards, shelves and dressing.

Top sample box and showroom sample box

Rimadesio institutional documentation consists of a series of instruments to satisfy all professionals needs.

Rimadesio surfaces by Tommaso Sartori

Every year Rimadesio commits a different photographer to the interpretation of the exclusive surfaces of the collection and presents the result within the Stories and Matters volume.

Lux, the new exclusive fabric for dress bold

The walk-in closet Dress bold modernises his aesthetics through the introduction of the exclusive fabric Lux, in silk or cotton.


Rimadesio’s exclusive collection of matte and glossy lacquers, made of last-generation water-based paints, resistant to corrosion, temperature leaps, aging and detergents.

Rimadesio surfaces at the focus of Nicolas Polli’s photo shooting

Rimadesio asks Nicolas Polli to interpret the exclusive surfaces of its collection.

Rimadesio surfaces

The 2016 collection has thus been enriched with 5 new finishes.