First half 2021: record results

Rimadesio closes the first half of 2021 with remarkable results: the best turnover ever obtained over a six months period, thanks to the increase of both domestic and international markets.

Rimadesio: growth, investments, welfare plan

In 2019 Rimadesio has consolidated the results achieved in previous years by accomplishing a turnover that has exceeded 61 million euros.

Environmental sustainability project

A journey that starts from far away, a present that looks at sustainable innovation as the only approach to the future, a “green spirit” that has always been in the company’s DNA.

2018 a new record

The turnover of Rimadesio in 2018 exceeded the threshold of 61 million euros, improving for the third consecutive year the record of the previous one.

A new record

The sixth consecutive year of increase for Rimadesio, that exceeds the threshold of a 50-million turnover for the first time in its history, marking a new and memorable record.

Zenit turns 20 years

Zenit system was presented in 1998 by the Giuseppe Bavuso’s project and it has introduced a number of important innovations in the typology of upright bookcase.

Mobile sustainability

Always caring at environmental issues,  the goal of Rimadesio is the total conversion to the electrical of all the means of transport business

A heart getting greener and greener

Rimadesio makes its own manufacturing capacity of solar energy more powerful.