With the introduction of the Plan components, the design flexibility of the Self system is enriched with new solutions ranging from the writing desk element to the living room furniture. Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, Self Plan is articulated in suspended compositions on the wall or integrated into the Modulor wall paneling system.

The living room furniture version features an aluminum structure on which you can place storage modules with drawers, flap doors or open units. It is also provided with optional cable duct for a practical TV housing.

In the writing desk version, Self Plan is available with an additional compartment in walnut or heath treated oak, which can be freely placed on the countertop and combined with drawers. The result is a fully functional home office workstation, equipped with an optional cable duct to charge notebooks, mobiles, or table lamps.

Like all Rimadesio products, also the Self Plan system is made by following the principles of the safeguarding of the environment and its resources, through a production process powered by solar energy, aimed at the creation of long lasting goods.