Graphis light is the proposal especially designed to close niches and walk-in closets.
A complementary proposal to the sliding panels Graphis plus, characterised in the light version by its single glazed panel, associated to an aluminium structure, perfectly dust-proof, thanks to an exclusive perimeter joint.

Sliding systems

The exclusive ceiling, built-in and wall fixed rail system, patented to guarantee maximum design simplicity and total architectural integration, is composed of different functional elements that distinguish its uniqueness. Discover them through an in-depth information sheet dedicated to our sliding systems, a technical and stylistic analysis to get to know the Rimadesio proposal.

Technical features

Sliding system

All sliding panels have been engineered to guarantee the highest design simplicity and to be installed on the exclusive wall, ceiling and built-in sliding systems. A complete sliding panel is made up of rail, door panel and optional jamb or side runner.

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Graphis light system is characterised by a recessed metal handle with lacquered glass insert, that matches the panel.


Browse the technical documentation for detailed information about different dimensions, components and configurations.

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