The Radius door is a new full-height solution, perfectly double-sided and coplanar to the wall. With a minimalist design conceived to recreate perfect continuity with the surrounding architecture, Radius is designed to offer a wide range of aesthetic types and maximum functional quality, allowing it to be installed on jamb-less walls, with concealed jamb or integrated into the Modulor boiserie.

Always made to measure in height and width, Radius is available in large dimensions, with panels that reach 3600 mm in height and 1600 mm in width. This is thanks to an extruded aluminium structure designed to give maximum strength and stability in domestic as well as professional, hospitality and retail.

Technical features

The new two-way pivot door system

Aesthetic typologies

The panel is available with full-length mirror or with decorative horizontal and vertical crosspieces. The aluminium frame of Radius is available in aluminium, brown and 46 Ecolorsystem finishings. The double-sided door panel cladding is available in glossy, mat, reflex, sahara, diamante and mirror lacquered glass or in Litech, sahara and taiga essence, fabric or synthetic leather, for a total of 170 finishings.




Browse the technical documentation for detailed information about different dimensions, components and configurations.

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