A design with exceptionally innovative features. The door can open both ways: this is because it is located in the centre of the jamb and the hinges are positioned on the top and bottom of the door.
Vela with pivot opening comes in two versions: with a patented magnetic closing profile or with a magnetic lock. Both solutions take full advantage of a basic physical principle, deleting the need of mechanisms and always guaranteeing light and silent movements.

Aesthetic quality

The setting highlights the aesthetic quality of the Vela design.

The jamb, which is recessed into the wall, becomes invisible: the door is seen as a single glass surface, perfectly integrated into the wall.

Technical features


Available with aluminium structure in alluminio, nero, bianco latte and brown and in the Ecolorsystem collection, consisting of 34 colours of water based paints.


Browse the technical documentation for detailed information about different dimensions, components and configurations.