A dividing solution of strong scenographic value, the Maxi sliding system is characterized by an aluminium grid that emphasizes the glass surfaces, giving maximum strength and stability to the structure. The irregular grid pattern enhances the quality of the glass and its veiled transparency. The wide design flexibility allows to create customized compositions, ideal for domestic, professional, hospitality and retail contexts.

The ideal solution for large environments

Maxi is characterized by a particular structure that allows to reach exceptional dimensions, up to 3500 mm in height and 2000 mm in width.

Aesthetic Typologies

Maxi door panels are available in four configurations: Maxi, Maxi regular, Maxi+ and Maxi pure. Maxi regular includes the panel with a regular configuration of the transoms, available with single-colour glass or two-colour glass. Maxi pure features glass without transoms, with single-colour glass.

Technical features

Sliding system

All sliding panels have been engineered to guarantee the highest design simplicity and to be installed on the exclusive wall, ceiling and built-in sliding systems. A complete sliding panel is made up of rail, door panel and optional jamb or side runner.

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Browse the technical documentation for detailed information about different dimensions, components and configurations.

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