With this product, Rimadesio gives a contemporary reinterpretation of classic furniture like sideboards, glass cabinets and drawer units.
A collection characterized by the particular structure in aluminum, by exclusive design details, by the mechanisms of movement and by shelves equipped with integrated led lighting system. A proposal available in different sizes and with different technical internal equipment.

Technical features

Closing system

As an alternative to die-casting aluminum handle, the door can be provided with an optional lock, designed to guarantee security and precision, respecting the linear and elegant aesthetics. Each component, key, tumbler and lever are obtained thanks to high-pressure moulding and provided in the same finish of the structure. Alambra door is available with or without crosspieces, entirely made in extruded aluminum. The precision of the opening movement, the innovation introduced by the closing system with neodymium magnets, the noise absence obtained by adjustable rubber bulb absorber, the absence of visible screws, joints and plastic gaskets are the results of an exclusive technical research.


Browse the technical documentation for detailed information about different dimensions, components and configurations.