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Technological innovation, stylistic research, ecological awareness

are the components of the exclusive vision of Rimadesio, translated into a proposal of furnishing and functional division of the environments: modular systems for the living area, bookcases, sliding doors, doors, walk-in closets and a rich collection of accessories.

Talking About 2019. Luxury and Storytelling: when print meets digital

Journal: Conversations

Aesthetics and the economics of luxury, in the midst of the evolution in the world of publishing and new digital prospectives. Two protagonists with first hand insights of these changes, capitalize on their experience to talk about the new panoramas which await us.

Showroom Saint Petersburg

Company: Showroom

The first Rimadesio showroom opened on the Russian territory is located in Bolshaya Morskaya, one of the most famous streets of St. Petersburg, in the oldest part of the city. The space is spread over an area of 200 square meters and presents a selection of systems for the division of the space, containers, walk-in closets and furnishing accessories representative of the various collections.

Aluminum: a precious material

Journal: Materials

Today, aluminum recycling is a reality, as it covers 20% of global production and in Italy, the first producer in Europe and the third largest producer in the world. The recycling of this material makes possible to recover 46,800 tons, equal to 70% of the marketed. In terms of energy, the resources required for secondary production are 95% lower than those required by primary production. A recycled aluminum can saves as much energy as is needed to keep the television on for three hours.

News 2019


New typologies, accurate new introductions, new materials and finishes: these are the protagonists of the Rimadesio 2019 proposal. A new significant episode of a coherent story based on a vision, in which modernity is at the centre of the project, based on the belief that authentic quality is the result of continuous innovation research.



A system of equipped boiserie

a new solution in order to qualify, equip and customize the surfaces of domestic and work environments. Always custom-made, flexible to any architectural situation, Modulor allows to create organized or composite geometries, to freely position shelves, cabinets or display cases, and to choose from a wide variety of materials and exclusive finishes.

The materials, the production system

Philosophy: Technology

We consider technology to be essential and it can be found throughout our organization: starting from the product, in which it is required in order to achieve the upmost quality and perfection, through to the production systems, characterized by the use of glass and aluminium, a sign of the maximum flexibility, reflecting our custom-made approach.

Rimadesio project


An exclusive bespoke service aimed at satisfying the needs of professionals in the contract sector and includes consulting services for project design, analysis of materials, logistic support, installation and technical assistance. Consolidated know-how that is the result of prolific experience, specific skills, capacity for dialogue and discussion. The Rimadesio Project division is made up of highly specialized professionals, supported by a wide corporate network.

Image and style, expression of the Rimadesio essence

Philosophy: Style

"We like to think that the style of Rimadesio is the precise expression of our way of understanding living interiors: concrete, functional, contemporary and formally impeccable." The will to respect these values commits us to develop all the other aspects of our reality, with great coherence. From our headquarters to our international showrooms, from digital communication to sales tools: everything that contributes to defining our identity is carefully managed. Because we are convinced that Rimadesio quality is strongly linked to the formal aspect.

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