Closing system equipped with single glazed doors in glass, gres, synthetic leather or fabric. The core of the Cover project are the uprights, fixed to the ceiling and to the floor, which collect the invisible hinges of the doors and the exclusive integrated internal led lighting system.

Perfect integration

Cover is designed to perfectly fit niches and spaces

Perfectly engineered to be fitted without visible screws, the Cover system allows to create walk-in wardrobes and equipped niches without threshold on the floor. Cover is defined by the idea of making doors the only structural element of the cabinet. The internal equipment is fixed to this structural element, without any further wall fixing.

Technical features

Structural elements

Accessories fixing system


Design Concept

The Cover project renews the design concept of the niche or wardrobe, transforming the doors in the one and only structural element, necessary to fix the internal equipment. As all Rimadesio systems, Cover presents some exclusive features, such as the uprights equipped with a three direction invisible adjustment system, that allows a perfect leveling of the doors, even with compositions of large dimensions. The external corner element and the terminal side are designed, in order to offer greater design freedom. Cover system accessories include floor bases, shelves, cloth-hanger rods, pull out shelves and drawer units. All the elements are fixed directly to the uprights, without visible screws, and the layout can be modified any time in an easy way.

Linear composition with glass terminal panel and composition with external corner


Browse the technical documentation for detailed information about different dimensions, components and configurations.


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