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Tax break

Turnover 2018

Rimadesio, record results for the third consecutive year. In the last three years company revenues have seen a staggering increase, increasing the company’s year-on-year growth, to exceed 60 million euro at the end of 2018, an amount, which, if compared to the previous financial statements, sees an increase of + 22% over 2017 , + 46% over the two year period and above all an almost two fold increase on the 33 million turnover registered in 2015. A truly outstanding result, obtained thanks to steady growth in the domestic market and above all to the extraordinary development of the international one, seeing a +27% rise in exports compared to the previous year and a +110% increase on 2015.

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The company’s strong performance, as reflected by its EBITDA, (“Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization), which increased four-fold over a five year period, shows how the significant growth in turnover in recent years has been accompanied by a rational management of overheads and operational costs by the Company. EBITDA is a metric used to evaluate a company’s operating performance, indicating if the company is able to generate revenues without having to factor in investments, extraordinary, financing and fiscal decisions.

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The extraordinary increase in sales has also driven the company’s EBIT, (Earnings Before Interest and Taxes) which has grown almost seven-fold in five years, despite the exacting campaign for expansion and renewal of machinery and the production site.
EBIT, also known as operating profit, is the result of the afore-mentioned metric, however the costs of goods sold and operating expenses are subtracted from total revenues. It measures the company’s ability to generate revenues on its normal operations, considering the impact of investments in capital goods or assets.

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Codice etico

Considering the new regulatory framework defined by Law Decree No. 231/2001, which defines the concept of Corporate Administrative Responsibility, the Board of Directors of Rimadesio has approved the Governance and Control Manual that contains the Ethical Code of Conduct and the Organisational Rules applied inside the company. By adopting the Code of Conduct, Rimadesio confirms that its guiding principle for all activities performed is compliance with the law and with all regulations, both Italian and foreign, in a framework of integrity and fairness. The Code defines ethical values that are common both to the company Rimadesio’s strategic decisions and to all its personnel in terms of individual responsibility.

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