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Rimadesio / Philosophy / Design

Look at the present in order to imagine the future: at the heart of the signature design of Rimadesio lies the analysis of the most progressive furniture and decor needs, the concept of containing capacities and the organization of contemporary spaces.

Our aim to provide concrete answers to a growing desire for quality and efficiency is the foundation of our design planning procedure. An attitude that has led us to consider the distribution and organization of internal spaces as a necessary priority. In this way, a collection comes to life and perfected over time, made up of sliding panels, doors, partitions, accompanied by proposals dedicated to the concept of containing such as walk-in closets, bookcases, equipped wooden panels. Original and innovative products for the furniture sector and every single piece is characterized by a high level of performance and technical innovation.

RR+S, Rimadesio Ricerca+Sviluppo, (Research+Development) is a team made up of specialized professionals who are committed to every single phase of the project. From sharing and discussing the planning phases to technological feasibility checks, from the fine-tuning of special pieces involving a wide network of suppliers, through to the completion of the final product: in Rimadesio the activities dedicated to the research and development of the project have the precise objective of achieving a perfect balance between creative development and production management driven by a true sense of responsibility towards the environment.

Our commitment stems from the awareness that innovation does not simply mean constantly enhancing the technical, functional and stylish characteristics of the product, but also in identifying solutions to combine all of these aspects with the upmost respect for our surrounding environment.

Functionality, aesthetics, service: our unique concept of the project comes from the perfect encapsulation of these three aspects.

Our tecnologically cutting-edge products are the result of a precise methodology, a signature of industrial design, based on the search of the balance between man and the needs of a production process, which in our case always follow a custom-made logic. The extreme simplicity in style, a direct consequence of our philosophy, is enhanced by an in depth technical and stylistic research specialized in finishes. An unmistakable aesthetic: technical research aimed at achieving the upmost simplicity and sleekness in style, transforms the detail into our distinguishing feature.

Opening mechanisms, sliding tracks, castings, aluminium molds, special glass proccesses: our design is characterized by materials, components and exclusive processes fostering a high technical and engineering added value. Behind all this in addition to the functional objective, there is the clear ambition to achieve the upmost semplicity and sleekness in style. An ideal requisite to enhance the value of precision, the quality of the finishes and the attention to detail.

“The quality of the Made In Italy model, including all those products related to the home, is increasingly acknowledged internationally speaking, and I firmly believe therefore that being yourself is the real key to success. On condition that good design, technical innovation and manufacturing expertise are perceptible in every product.”

Extract taken from Giuseppe Bavuso, interview

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