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Sliding doors

Always at the center of the Rimadesio project, the sliding door system expresses its distinctive qualities thanks to its exclusive technical solutions, its reliability of movements and its compositional versatility. Qualities which are common to a collection of doors enriched over time of different designs and aesthetic proposals, from the severity of the perimetric framed doors to the ones based on the design of original geometries and textures. Implement for the organization of domestic spaces, the Rimadesio sliding door collection can now be integrated with the wall system Spazio.


The Rimadesio door collection is the result of continuous technical and stylistic research aiming at the highest balance between design, innovation, and reliability. The variety of solutions, such as swing doors, pocket doors, coplanar and with magnetic closure systems, makes the proposal absolutely unique. The versatility of the collection is underlined by the extraordinary range of glass, metal and wood finishes that can be freely combined, implementing the architectural feature of the line with the possibility of integration with the wall system Spazio.

Spazio wall system

Glass partition wall system, always custom made, providing linear, corner and terminal solutions for the internal organization of domestic, public, or professional environments. The versatile design of Spazio is underlined by the possibility to combine it with Rimadesio sliding door collection and the wide availability of glass and metal finishes.

Day collection

From bookcases to display cabinets, from modular systems to sideboards: the Day systems collection includes all Rimadesio products dedicated to storage for the living area. Solutions defined for specific functions, characterized by an extreme attention to every detail, by a rigorous design and by the infinite possibilities of customization thanks to a wide choice of materials and exclusive finishes.


Tables, coffee tables, shelves and small bookcases developed with highest coherence, following the Rimadesio’s unique vision; a coordinated design proposal, characterized by the search for the maximum balance between formal rigor, technology and attention to detail. Sophisticated solutions in which the choice of finishes, from stones to metals, from veneers to glass colors, are an integral and fundamental part of the project.

Night collection

Contemporary walk-in closet: unique system combining fundamental requirements, care for details and space arrangement solutions. Giuseppe Bavuso has always been focused on this project, aiming at the most exclusive synthesis of architecture and modular systems. The result is a collection made up of five fully-developed systems, with different design approach, but sharing great flexibility to obtain highest aesthetic and functional customization, technology and design, thus meeting any project.


The rigorous design, together with the high technical and functional value of the Rimadesio collection, have suggested a selection of products for the office environment. A proposal recently refined with the introduction of Spazio, the wall system that can be integrated with doors, sliding doors and with the new equipped boiserie system Modulor. Alongside the bookshelves and the dedicated containers comes a proposal of table solutions, such as Manta, available now in extraordinary lengths, or Flat System, a modular system of work surfaces that can be equipped with various accessories.

Modulor wall paneling

A system of equipped wall paneling, a new solution in order to qualify, equip and customize the surfaces of domestic and work environments. Always custom-made, flexible to any architectural situation, Modulor allows to create organized or composite geometries, to freely position shelves, cabinets or display cases, and to choose from a wide variety of materials and exclusive finishes.

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